A gifted solo pianist and composer, Christine Brown’s music is a unique blend of contemporary, new age and classical sounds. Her graceful, elegant touch is gentle, yet powerful. With the piano, Christine paints a colorful landscape with her thoughtful, musical interpretations of life’s emotions and experiences. Seamless is Christine’s 11th album, featuring unique arrangements of classic cover songs.  Blending unexpected songs while weaving in classical and new age pieces, Christine’s clever medleys of timeless melodies creates a sophisticated and seamless musical tapestry.

Since the young age of three, Christine has been fascinated by the piano. Receiving the highest honors given by the Guild National Piano Auditions, Christine’s childhood classical training is evident in her melodic and thematic compositions, while rich harmonies reflect her background in accompanying various choral groups. From Chopin to Joplin, her influences were varied and many, and she also enjoyed creating her own arrangements of popular songs. While earning a business degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, Christine was inspired by George Winston’s new age genre of solo piano, yet the piano remained only a hobby for many years.

“In 1990, my mother requested a cassette tape  of my piano music for her birthday, so I went to a local recording studio. It was then that I rediscovered my passion for playing the piano, and I realized my gift to her was really her gift to me.” Sadly, her mother passed away just months later. Christine immersed herself into the piano to comfort her grief and voice her emotions, releasing heartfelt compositions that captured listeners. These early compositions were featured on well received solo piano compilation albums, Piano Portraits (1992) and Summer Stories (1994), distributed by Sugo Records. Christine was inspired to release her own solo piano CD, Winter Tapestry (1997). Married and raising two young sons, she also arranged collections of children’s songs, Childhood (2004) and Childhood II (2011), Believe (2004), Christmas On My Mind (2004), and Piano Stories (2006).

In 2007, she was invited to perform her first concert with Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, encouraging Christine to place more focus on her music. She released several more CDs, including Promise (2009) and The Wishing Well (2011), both nominated by Whisperings for “Best Piano Album of the Year”. Her albums have received numerous accolades, including named on “Mainly Piano Favorites List” for A Classic Christmas (2012) and Souvenirs (2014). Christine’s 10th album, Souvenirs was awarded “Best Piano Album of 2014” by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, selected from over 100 albums and voted on by a panel of pianists and composers. Christine was also honored to be recognized by Kawai Pianos in 2014 as an official Kawai Piano Artist.

Christine’s fans have written, “There is a richness to your sound, a refined elegance and passionate intelligence that could only come from working hard at your craft”, and “Her music is vibrant, colorful and full of life. Skilled at the art of blending chords and note progressions into beautiful aural tapestries, her music is at once a welcome retreat from the mundane and ordinary. Christine’s emotions come through her music, and she is able to reach out and touch the hearts of millions of appreciative piano music fans.”

Christine is married, has two sons, and currently resides in San Diego, CA.

“In a genre of music (contemporary solo piano) where there is so much similarity between artists, Christine Brown stands out. Her neo-classical twists are ear catching and pleasantly reminiscent of a time in the not too distant past when piano music was such that to truly appreciate it, you needed to absorb it slowly like a fine wine…I must say, it’s sublime.”



Founder and Director of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio