About “Souvenirs”

“This CD was a long, evolving project, with some songs written two years ago, and others composed just weeks before it was recorded. Last year I got a new piano, a dream come true,a Kawai RX-7. Every time I sat down to play, I composed new music! I loved discovering the depth of color and rich tone of this instrument. I wrote down the bits and pieces of my new inspirations, until I had a binder full of music. Then I began to realize that most of these musical fragments could be put together like a puzzle to create an entire song. Other songs were already written from beginning to end. Other factors contributed to the creative process, as the loss of a dear friend to cancer, and close family members were also diagnosed with the disease. Playing the piano has always been a cathartic release, a means of expressing emotions when life’s path get bumpy. So, a few new songs were added to the collection. I postponed my recording session, and continued composing. By the time I recorded at Piano Haven in Sedona, AZ, I had nearly 25 songs! So, this collection of the selected 14 songs reflects many emotions and experiences – they are in fact Souvenirs, my songs being mementos of the past. I am so excited to share this music with you and hope you enjoy it!” – Christine Brown