New Album “Seamless” Available For Pre-Order

“Seamless” is my 11th album, a unique collection of classic cover songs played with a classical twist. Although I love composing original songs, this album of my interpretations of well-known songs was encouraged by my family and friends. Since early childhood, I have enjoyed creating piano renditions of my favorite songs, mostly due to the lack of popular sheet music available when I was taking piano lessons. I have always enjoyed combining songs into a mash-up, releasing collections of children’s songs and Christmas albums that included various medleys. “O’ Holy Night” paired rhythmically with the “Moonlight Sonata”, and “Mary Had a Little Lamb” seemed destined to join “Baa Baa Black Sheep”! So why not do the same with classic and popular songs.

Beethoven, meet Led Zeppelin. Adele, meet Bach. With centuries of music to choose from, the combinations are endless. This album features unique arrangements of some of my favorite songs over the decades. Melodies overlap with classical and new age threads, and are intertwined to create a seamless musical tapestry. This was a challenge that I really loved. I had so much fun that I’m already halfway finished with the second album of covers! I hope you enjoy it.

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