The Wishing Well RELEASED 2011

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About The Wishing Well

"The Wishing Well" is a solo piano collection of 12 original compositions. Many of these pieces were written during a difficult period in my life. I was experiencing tendon injury and nerve pain that left me unable to play the piano for many months. Our son was also diagnosed with a serious illness, and a job loss for my husband. When it rains it pours! Usually, I turn to my piano during these difficult times, unleashing my emotions by creating music. The piano is where I dream, hope, pray, wish - it is indeed my wishing well, which became the title song and CD title for the album! This was incredibly frustrating for me, but I began composing some pieces with just my left hand. Slowly my condition improved, and the healing process resulted in the songs on this CD. Life is a "Pendulum" of emotions, but the struggles and challenges we all face can make us "Stronger", and can often be a "Blessing in Disguise".


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